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My story . . . .

I am Maresa, the happy owner of Cleo Aroma Therapies. Every therapist has their story of how they found their therapy. If it should interest you, here is mine . . .


My start in complimentary medicine began with reflexology. I had a treatment and was intrigued that I could feel in my body what the therapist was working on through my feet. I continued with treatments, and as I was curious, I bought a book on reflexology. At that time, I suffered occasional episodes of aural migraine, which caused my vision to blur for about ¾ of an hour. Reflexology was supposed to be therapeutic, so I took out my book and worked on  a few reflexes I thought might help. I didn’t really expect anything to happen. But I followed my book, working on my toes and within 5 minutes my vision restored to perfect and I felt fine. I tried it every time my migraine affected me, and it worked every time. These episodes have also become less frequent and less severe over the years. I can’t actually remember the last time it affected me.




This spurred me on to learn more, and is what lead me to train as a reflexologist with the Institute of Beauty and Holistic Training in Newbridge, under Sinéad Murray and Aiden Kelly. Sinéad and Aiden were easy to learn with, as they had a passion for the field. Sinéad’s impressive understanding of physiology gave any student of hers an edge.


Another significant success for my personal health was over sinusitis. While studying reflexology, I was transferred to a dustier department in my workplace. For the first time in my life, I began to suffer with sinusitis. Every single day I needed a Solpasinus tablet to manage. Then we practiced the reflexes for the sinuses in our reflexology class. I could feel my sinuses clearing as I lay on the therapy couch. I was stunned. I have not taken a tablet for sinusitis since. I manage it totally using reflexology.

From there, I realised that the essential oils I loved for personal use could offer amazing benefits paired with reflexology, if I was more knowledgeable about them. This lead me to train as an aromatherapist at Obus School of Healing Therapies in Leixlip, under Christine Courtney. Christine has an enthusiasm for aromatherapy that is contagious. At Obus, I learned about using a broad range of essential oils and nourishing vegetable oils for therapeutic benefit. Initially, I had no interest in learning massage, but after taking part in one module and seeing the value of aromatherapy massage for the whole body, I decided to continue with the full course of aromatherapy, massage and holistic studies.


The case studies I worked on during these courses showed me what was possible with these therapies, and over the last few years the range of issues my clients sought to address has grown and grown. The effectiveness of treatments continues to impress me, and this is why I offer aromatherapy through a variety of treatments and products; to try to accommodate any preference.


Cleo Aromatherapy is the dream job I never knew I wanted, run right here in my little haven in county Laois.


For your visit, call 087 36 38 559

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