Aromatherapy is all about using quality essential oils and plant oils for the benefit of overall wellbeing. You may be familiar with essential oils such as lavender, chamomile or tea tree, or plant oils such as rosehip seed or sweet almond. There is a wealth of oils available, and with the help of a qualified Aromatherapist, you can enjoy the immense benefits without buying all these gorgeous oils! They are nourishing for your skin, supportive of the body, and rejuvenating for the soul.


The oils used in aromatherapy have

distinctive properties such as

anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and

decongestant, as well as calming, uplifting

and stimulating.



Aromatherapy can be enjoyed as blends to take home, as part of massage, or added to Reflexlogy, Indian Head Massage or other treatments, to really make the most of them.



Tailored Products


A variety of therapeutic products can be made with the best quality ingredients, tailored to your needs.





Oil blend

Body scrub




Bubble bath

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