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Organic Roman Chamomile Hydrolat : Soothing


Chomomile (Chamomila Nobile/Anthemis Nobilis) hydrolat

Soothing for hot and bothered skin. Calming for mind and body.
Cleanse, refresh and hydrate.
Remove your makeup with chamomile hydrolat, while benefiting from the calming, toning effects.
Blend with lavender hydrolat for dry skin.
Spritz around your pet before going to the vet, to help ease agitation.
Add some to your footbath for relief from physical and mental stress , or your baby's bathwater to ease the transition to a peaceful sleep.

This hydrolat may be particularly beneficial for skin conditions such as eczema. It is gentle and soothing, and non-irritating. For other products and blends that may help call me for a consultation 087 78 202 73

Most of our hydrolats are now available preserved. This is because in their unpreserved state, hydrolats have a short shelf life. The preservative used is sodium benzoate, which is a very gentle, skin-friendly, yet effective preservative. Without it your hydrolat will last no more than 3 months. Chamomile hydrolat is available with or without, as shown above.