Get the most from your treatment

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All treatments begin with a consultation to develop a picture of your health, and take your personal history and lifestyle into consideration.


Answer questions honestly and fully so that I have all the information needed to give you a tailored treatment. You can enjoy a complimentary foot bath while we discuss your needs.


Please be assured that your privacy is taken seriously. Information you provide will never be shared with anyone else, without your permission.

What can I expect when I arrive for treatment?


Post Treatment

Your preferred treatment will be carried out

with the greatest care and skill. If you suffer

with any condition, certain treatments may

be recommended but, of course, you can

choose whichever you prefer.

After treatment, you may be given advice or

recommendations to make the most of your

treatment. Generally it is advisable to drink

plenty of water after a treatment to help with

detoxification. Particularly after reflexology or

aromatherapy treatments it may also be recommended to get some extra rest on the day of treatment, as the body is already busy trying to heal. Try not to schedule an appointment before heavy activities such as going to work or exercising.

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