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- Full aromatherapy body

massage & facial    


Treatments at Cleo are suitable and gentle enough to use during pregnancy and illness such as cancer. Please inquire about your particular circumstances, or consult your doctor.

Body treatments

Face/Head treatments

Other Treatments

Treatments Packages

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If you have health insurance, the cost of treatments may be redeemable. Enquire within.

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Aromatherapy Back Massage                         30mins                €40

Natural Facelift Massage                                 1hr                        €60

Aroma Reflexology                                           1hr                         €60

Aroma Experience                                    90mins    €80



If you would like an aromatherapy blend to use at home, but without a body treatment, you may book a consultation and receive a blend as a cream, an oil, a bath blend, et cetera, according to your preferences or your condition.


This consultation also includes a deluxe aromatherapy foot soak,


Aromatherapy Body Massage                        1hr                         €60

Remedial Massage                                         30mins                   €20



        Group session                                            1hr                             €10

        - Check facebook page for the set times each week                       (per person)

        Private session                                           1hr                            €60

        - includes a foot reflex treatment


   Access Bars                                                      1hr                           €60

Aromatherapy Facial                                       30mins               €40

Indian Head Massage                                      30mins               €40

Intensive Treatment                                      30mins                  €40

Top to Toe                                                2hr             €100

Top & Toe                                                     1hr              €60

Facial Rejuvenation Experience              90mins    €80


- Full Aromatherapy body

massage, Facial & Foot



- Aromatherapy Facial/

Indian Head massage &

Foot reflex treatment

- Natural Facelift Massage

followed by the aromatherapy facial

Treat a friend, and treat yourself


Purchase a gift certificate and receive a coupon for yourself, saving 10% off your next treatment  




Consultation Appointment 

30 mins            €20

- Aromatherapy Back

Massage &Facial



Cleo Aromatherapy welcomes your feedback. We strive to provide the highest standards in quality and service. If there is anything we can improve, let us know


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Note on Pregnancy and Illness

Aroma Hour                                                  1hr             €60

087 36 38 559

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Ways to pay:


Ways to pay:


Pay for your treatment by card or cash. Visa and mastercard payments are available here.